Haoyue Cecilia Li


       Haoyue Li profile


Arts & Sciences 351

1400 Washington Avenue

    Albany, NY, 12222



University at Albany, SUNY                                                   Albany, NY

  • Ph.D. in Sociology                           Expected May 2017
  • Areas of specialty:

Cultural Sociology (Comprehensive Exam – Passed Fall 2014)

Interests in cultural theory, media and environment

[Committee: Prof. Ron Jacobs, Chair; Prof. Richard Lachmann; Prof. Elizabeth Popp-Berman]

Development and Globalization (Comprehensive Exam – Passed Fall 2015)

[Committee: Prof. Richard Lachmann, Chair; Prof. Ron Jacobs; Prof. Aaron Major]

Peking University                                                                         Beijing, China

  • B.A. in Sociology and in Economics (Minor) June 2012

(B.A. Thesis: “The demolition and resistance from a social-spatial perspective: a case study of Xiaocun in Kunming, China”)

  • Awards & Honors:

Li Huirong Scholarship (GPA Ranking: 3/70)

President Research Funding Awards

Challenge Cup Research Competition Awards

May Fourth Youth Prize



Works in Progress and Papers under Review

Haoyue Li and Ron Jacobs, “China’s “Airpocalypse” Gives Rise to the Civil Sphere”, Draft available.

Haoyue Li, “Is there an ecological reflexivity in global public spheres?—a case study of Chinese Songhua River Spill”, (Under Review) (To be published in Qualitative Sociology)

Conference Presentations:

“Locating media globalization in China: analyzing the discursive construction of places in the social networking website”. – Regular Paper Session on Globalization and the Media at the 2013 Annual Meeting of the Eastern Sociological Society (Boston)

“Media Narrative of air pollution in Chinese official news coverage” – Regular Paper Session on Critical Media and T.V. Analysis at the 2014 Annual Meeting of the Eastern Sociological Society (Baltimore)

“China’s “Airpocalypse” Gives Rise to the Civil Sphere” at the 2014 Center for Cultural Sociology Anniversary Conference (Yale University, New Haven)

2014 ASA Media Sociology Preconference (San Francisco): Presenter at the Panel Session on Media Framing and Public Opinion; Moderator at the Panel Session on Chinese Media Sociology
“Globalizing environmentalism in China?–A case study of 2005 Songhua pollution incident”—Regular paper session on Media and Crisis at 2016 Annual Meeting of the Eastern Sociological Society (Boston)

“Chinese environmental crises in global public spheres”—Regular paper session on Open Topic on Global and Transnational Sociology at 2016 Annual Meeting of the American Sociological Association


Introduction to Sociology (Fall 2015, Spring 2016)

Sociological Theory (Fall 2014, co-teaching)

Special Topics in Sociology of Culture—Media and the Public Life (Summer 2016, Online)

Teaching Assistance

Sociological Theory

Sociology of Culture

Mass Media

Selected Topics Seminar in the Sociology of Culture



Native Mandarin Speaker

Fluent English



Ronald Jacobs

SUNY Albany, Sociology


Richard Lachmann

SUNY Albany, Sociology



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